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Children / Adolescent Physiotherapy in Bishops Stortford

Children and adolescents are different from adults. The developmental stage of an individual has a big influence on how they move and contributes to injury risk. Injuries within the child/adolescent are different from those of an adult and common mistakes in diagnosis and treatment can occur within an environment that lacks the experience of working for these age groups. For example, what may present similarly as a high hamstring strain in an adult may actually be a bony injury to the pelvis of an adolescent. Treatment for these two injuries would be very different. 

With extensive experience in Academy (Premier League Football), University and School (Pre-Professional Ballet School) environments, James at Mindfully Active Physio has expert knowledge of working with children and adolescents. Incorporating education, movement exploration and play, Mindfully Active Physio help to reduce the risk of and rehabilitate from injury. 

If you are looking for physiotherapy for your child or adolescent within Bishops Stortford, then click the link below to contact Mindfully Active Physio and find out more.