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Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy in Bishops Stortford

Physio for anyone. If you are motivated towards enhancing your lifestyle by becoming more active and moving more efficiently then Mindfully Active Physio is for you. Whether you are aiming to beat a personal best in the next marathon, max out on your CrossFit WoD time, or simply trying to get out of bed more comfortably each morning, then look no further. 

Mindfully Active Physio is a physiotherapy service that utilises thorough diagnostic and rehab methods and asks for hard work and dedication to progress in return. 

The founder of Mindfully Active Physio, James Boyd, has vast experience in managing injuries and ailments from the initial acute phase through to end-stage rehab and return to full function. Having worked in elite sporting environments for many years, James can help you set about achieving your goals with a structured plan and assistance in reaching them.

Keep moving towards the life you choose.

If you are looking for musculoskeletal or sports physiotherapy within Bishops Stortford, then click the link below to contact Mindfully Active Physio and find out more.