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Coronavirus Update

The Show Can Go On

As expected, all face-to-face appointments have been cancelled, but this will not deter us. Mindfully Active Physio are now utilising video/virtual based sessions to assist clients in continuing to progress towards their movement goals. The sessions have worked really well and clients have left feeling more empowered, educated and driven to progressing forward with their rehab.

Obviously it means no hands-on treatment, but we can still:

- take a thorough history and get an understanding of your symptoms

- see how you move by asking you to perform movements on camera - which actually works very well

- advise you on appropriate exercises to help you move forward

- give you specific advice on the pain and symptoms that you are experiencing

- reassure and empower you to get back to doing the things you enjoy (even in times such as this - it may just mean we need to be a little more creative!)

So here is a picture of me on the computer earlier. Who wouldn't want to speak with this guy!!!

James Boyd, Mindfully Active Physio

#movemore #playmore #keephealthy #videocall #coronavirus