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Changing the physio game, one day at a time in Bishops Stortford

After many years of providing a physiotherapy service throughout the NHS and within elite sporting environments, it became apparent to James Boyd that traditional physiotherapy services were directed towards ‘fixing pain’ as opposed to 'empowering function'. By aiming to fix pain, we often miss the values of an individual and steer away from the performance goals that each person brings. For example, fixing the particular issue with a manipulation and orthotic may provide some short-term relief but doesn't necessarily facilitate an individual in moving closer to their performance goals and may leave them with a reliance on the fix.

Mindfully Active Physio is a sports physiotherapy practice in Bishops Stortford, which empowers an individual to become aware (Feel), acknowledge without judgement (Think) and act (Move) around injuries, pain, apprehensions and anxieties. Well-evidenced concepts, such as exercise therapy, load monitoring, and pain management strategies are used to rehabilitate, reduce the risk of future injuries and work towards achieving your performance goals.

Being creative, explorative and playful with rehab are staple requirements within the Mindfully Active Physio ethos. Not only to enhance adherence but to promote positive neurological and physiological changes, which encourage a wider range of movements and better quality of life.

Feel, Think, Move