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Video Based Physiotherapy Sessions To Help Those Who Can't Get To Clinic

At Mindfully Active Physio, we’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care and understand that it is not always possible to physically get to a clinic location.

Rest assured that your journey towards your rehabilitation/movement goals does not have to come to a halt. 

Mindfully Active Physio provide the option of having virtual sessions. These sessions involve a video based call direct to your own home. Whilst we cannot perform the hands-on treatment, we can still:

- take a thorough history and get an understanding of your symptoms
- see how you move by asking you to perform movements on camera
- advise you on appropriate exercises to help you move forward
- give you specific advice on the pain and symptoms that you are experiencing
- reassure and empower you to get back to doing the things you enjoy

Here is what some of the wonderful Mindfully Active Clients have already said about the benefits of these sessions:

"When James suggested the video appointment I was a bit sceptical, you wonder just how much you can get out 

of it not physically being in the same room but my daughter was at a point that she really needed to see him so I said yes and I am so glad I did! 

It was straight forward (even for a technophobe like me) and instead of being held back she can now move forward with the next phase of her treatment. This was a great idea, well worth doing and I would 100% recommend it during these unprecedented times." 

"Had my first video session with James today, and it ended 
up being very productive. For my needs moving 
forward with rehab progression and chatting through how I felt, new exercises, and making sure of proper execution, 
the appointment ran smoothly. I can now make 
progress moving forward to getting better."

"I had my first video session with James today and it was 
hugely beneficial. I have to isolate at the moment due 
o a daughter with a high risk medical condition but still wanted to keep up my health and wellness goals.
Using the video option with James was really no different to a face to face session,
we did exercises together and worked out a plan 
for my rehab over the next couple of weeks. I am so pleased that I can continue to work with James
via video link, I would highly recommend this service!"

If you are interested in a Virtual Session, contact James today on or call on 07969299594