Bike Race


More than just a massage


To empower others to move more, play more and be more present in each physical moment.


For individuals to become aware (Feel), acknowledge without judgement (Think) and act (Move) around injuries and anxieties in order to reduce pain and move more freely.

Utilising a combination of physical and mindful movement activities within physiotherapy as a means of empowering any individual to seek enjoyment in life.

For individuals to engage with the basic principles and be able to empower and enhance their own and other’s lives - to pay it forward within a community.


This is why we're different

At Mindfully Active Physio, James aims to move away from the medicalised model of short appointments, white coats and intimidating environments. He believes that healthcare doesn’t have to be like this and provides longer appointment times, allowing him to get to know you better. By doing this he can better understand your performance goals and develop a professional relationship within which progress can be achieved. 

Whilst providing a professional physiotherapy service within Bishops Stortford, James maintains strict patient confidentiality and works with you to identify the steps with which you can move towards your performance goals. Whether that is being able to get in and out of bed more comfortably, or being able to reach a personal best within your sporting arena, together you will discuss the ways in which these can be achieved.

With methods such as load monitoring/management, movement development, pain management strategies, and education around the injury/ailment, you will work together to develop a realistic and progressive management plan. James believes that elite sporting physiotherapy care can be for everyone, not just elite athletes.