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An Annual Proactive Physiotherapy Package

Not so long ago, I was midway through a treatment session with a client. I had first met this individual for a previous injury in order to facilitate her marathon training, but this session was deemed as her “Physical MOT”. She had popped in proactively for a review as to how she had progressed since her injury. She knew that her previous injury may occur again (the biggest risk factor for injury is previous injury in the same body part), but wanted to do all she could to reduce the risk. Her aim was to keep training for her next race, and she perceived the maintenance of range of movement and strength as keys to doing so. She wondered why more people didn’t do this. 


For too long, physiotherapy has been seen as a service that is only useful when you pick up an injury. However, it can offer so much more. What if you could proactively reduce the risk of injury? Or what if you could move more freely, with greater ease and efficiency? Wouldn’t that be lovely?


Mindfully Active Physio in Bishops Stortford now provide The Movement Lifestyle package, which aims to review movement efficiency, plan towards achieving an individual’s goals and provides regular feedback throughout the course of a year. For an annual subscription fee of just £475, you gain access to the following:


  • 1x 60 minute physiotherapy assessment

  • 11x 30 minute physiotherapy review/treatment sessions (massage, acupuncture, taping all inclusive)

  • Thorough movement review - detailing areas of strength, weakness, efficiency and inefficiency

  • Exercise progressions directed towards achieving your goals

  • Insight into training load and periodisation of your training/activity

  • Practice of mindfulness techniques directed towards your individual needs

  • Regular catch up phone calls/emails to empower you to remain on track with your plan


For just £475 this service can enhance progress towards the completion of your goals. The Movement Lifestyle package provides you with a service that works proactively to reduce the risk of injury and to keep you moving as efficiently as you can. 


For more information or to book into The Movement Lifestyle package, contact Mindfully Active Physio today. 



Feel, Think, Move.