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Physiotherapy to help achieve your goals

Physio for anyone. If you are motivated towards enhancing your lifestyle by becoming more active and moving more efficiently then Mindfully Active Physio is for you. Whether you are aiming to beat a personal best in the next marathon, max out on your CrossFit WoD time, or simply trying to get out of bed more comfortably each morning, then look no further. 

Mindfully Active Physio is a no ‘mod-cons’ physiotherapy practice that utilises thorough diagnostic and rehab methods and asks for hard work and dedication to progress in return. 

The founder of Mindfully Active Physio, James Boyd, has vast experience in managing injuries and ailments from the initial acute phase through to end-stage rehab and return to full function.

Read more about musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy at Mindfully Active Physio, Bishops Stortford.

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Play for health

Kids are the future so they deserve the best quality of care. After extensive experience with Academy (Premier League Football), University and School (Royal Ballet School) environments, James is very knowledgeable in working with children and adolescents. Incorporating education, movement exploration and play, Mindfully Active Physio help to reduce the risk of and rehabilitate from injury.

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An Annual Proactive Physiotherapy Package

For too long, physiotherapy has been seen as a service that is only useful when you pick up an injury. However, it can offer so much more. What if you could proactively reduce the risk of injury? Or what if you could move more freely, with greater ease and efficiency? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Mindfully Active Physio in Bishops Stortford now provides The Movement Lifestyle package, which aims to review movement efficiency, plan towards achieving an individual’s goals and provides regular feedback throughout the course of a year.

Read more about The Movement Lifestyle Package at Mindfully Active Physio, Bishops Stortford.

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No need for mod-cons

Mindfully Active Physio utilise strategies for empowering positive change in each individual. Rather than believing in fancy gadgetry and devices, Mindfully Active Physio understand that education and awareness of our own bodies is a powerful tool and uses the following adjuncts to manage pain and create positive change:

Goal setting

Discussion around injury history and contributing psychosocial factors

Exercise therapy/Movement exploration

Soft-tissue work/Myofascial release


Joint manipulations


Loading strategies (planning and monitoring)

If required - Referrals to other experts in their fields (Nutritionists, Podiatrists, Sports Doctors, Sports Psychologists, etc)

Based in Bishops Stortford, Mindfully Active Physio provide an exceptional physiotherapy service which places you and your goals at the center of focus. To discuss how Mindfully Active Physio can help you achieve your goals, then contact James today.

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